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Should you trust an Online Mixing Engineer? Read below to check out my offers!


first steps 150x150 Mixing   Mastering   ReAmping Services (Cheapest in the market)Hello and welcome to my blog.

This is the official price list of my main site

If you know me from the forum you definitely know that I love helping out new bands/solo artists, so the prices will be the cheapest you will find.

Getting the 50% Discount

Each time you buy my “Ultimate EQ Guide” (29$ Value) Videos you gain access to the 50% Discount.
Let me give you an example. Let’s say you choose the 6 song package (Re-amping-Mixing-Mastering) = 400 euros / 537 dollars. 
If you choose to Download my “Ultimate EQ Guide”  which costs 29$, you will get the 50% Discount so:  (-50%) 200 euros / 268 dollars + 29$ for the Videos = 297 dollars instead of 537. 
Pretty fair I guess right? You will send me the order number and your e-mail used in your transaction. And I will immediately know that you qualify for the 50% Discount.
Also, I give you the opportunity to use the Discount again. So if you ever need a service again, no matter if you have downloaded the videos once, you can use it again and again!

Price List – Per Song

Normal Price List: (All in One) Re-amping – Mixing – Mastering = 70 euros / 96 dollars
Mixing = 60 euros / 80 dollars
Mastering = 20 euros / 27 dollars
Re-amping = 10 euros / 14 dollars for each track
50% Discount Price List (All in One) Re-amping – Mixing – Mastering = 35 euros / 50 dollars
Mixing = 30 euros / 40 dollars
Mastering = 10 euros / 14 dollars
Re-amping = 5 euros / 7 dollars for each track

Price List – 6 song package

Normal Price List: (All in One) Re-amping – Mixing – Mastering = 400 euros / 537 dollars
Mixing = 330 euros / 442 dollars
Mastering = 100 euros / 134 dollars
Re-amping = 40 euros / 53 dollars for 6 tracks (of any song)
50% Discount Price List (All in One) Re-amping – Mixing – Mastering = 200 euros / 268 dollars
Mixing = 165 euros / 221 dollars
Mastering = 50 euros / 67 dollars
Re-amping = 20 euros / 26 dollars for 6 tracks (of any song)

Price List – 10 song package

Normal Price List: (All in One) Re-amping – Mixing – Mastering = 650 euros / 870 dollars
Mixing = 550 euros / 735 dollars
Mastering = 150 euros / 200 dollars
Re-amping = 70 euros / 93 dollars for 10 tracks (of any song)
50% Discount Price List (All in One) Re-amping – Mixing – Mastering = 325 euros / 435 dollars
Mixing = 275 euros / 367 dollars
Mastering = 75 euros / 100 dollars
Re-amping = 35 euros / 46 dollars for 10 tracks (of any song)

More than 10 songs?

Contact me:


 Mixing   Mastering   ReAmping Services (Cheapest in the market)
Click image to check out the audio demos
Steven has recorded only the best drums, all tuned to perfection. Every drum and cymbal has been recorded first to 2inch tape, enhancing their unique rich sound. Every drum and cymbal was recorded with multiple velocities and multiple hits per velocity to ensure the most natural recreation. Then the samples were transferred to digital via high end A/D converters at 24 bit/ 44.1khz.
The samples were then processed by Steven Slate using some of the most classic analog gear from both past and present. The result are drums that sound like you’ve always dreamed of, with punchy transients and smooth decays.

MODELED KITSWhile you’ll probably find many of the drumkits on Steven Slate Drums are reminscent of drumkits you’ve heard from various bands over the years, thirteen kits have been authentically modeled for a sound so close, you’ll think it is the real thing! Platinum contains all modeled kits, including drumkits modeled after Led Zeppelin, Steely Dan, Motley Crue, Metallica, Greenday, Deftones, AC/DC, Foo Fighters, Pantera, Nirvana, Red Hot Chili Peppers, and Dream Theater. Keep in mind, these drumkits model the finalized mixed sounds that you have become familiar with, not just raw recordings of the drummer’s kits. Check out the audio demos on the homepage.

The Steven Slate Drums collection contains two unique sounding sets of room mics. The first set is from a large warehouse with concrete walls. These room mics were processed with heavy doses of compression, eq, and even modulation to make a larger then life, deep, wide, expressive room sound.
The drums were then sampled in the famous NRG Recording STUDIO A, known for being one of the top drum rooms in Los Angeles. Its been home to bands like Linkin Park, Foo Fighters, Billy Joel, and more. These room mics have been left unprocessed and contain the signature depth and space from this beautiful sounding room.


How many times do I qualify for the 50% Discount? Always. Each time you choose to download the 29$ video than to pay for the full price. If anything changes I’ll let you know for sure.

How will I pay you? Paypal is the fastest option for both of us, especially for you if you have any concerns about me. But you can always ask me for my visa card or my bank account information if you don’t want to use Paypal for a personal reason of yours.

Your services are pretty cheap but still can’t afford them and desperately need your services… Any ideas?  Send me an e-mail at and I will help you out icon wink Mixing   Mastering   ReAmping Services (Cheapest in the market) Depending on what you need and your situation (if a record company or a radio station is waiting for your song for example) prices may drop dramatically.

Do you mix Rock/Metal only? No. I prefer Rock/Metal yes. But I mix anything you will send me.

Will I choose my sounds (guitars, bass etc)? 90% yes. Of course I will take into consideration your sound taste since it’s your  song and not mine. But if I find that a specific sound really rocks to your mix I’ll let you know what I have in mind. Don’t forget, in mixing we care about how the instruments complement each other. Something that sounds great to you in solo may suck in the mix (read below for more info)

Preparing your tracks for the best sound (Must Read)

There are some tips you should know before you send me the files.

Tip 1. Always use 44.100 or 48.000 24 bit WAV files:  Not mp3. Not less that 24 or 44.100. Uncompressed files (WAV) should be used always.

Tip2. Consolidate files / Always be on time: If your song is 4 minutes long and there is a solo at 3:29 for example don’t record the solo, cut the parts and tell me: “Drag it at 3:29 that’s where it should be”. Just record the solo to the part of the song that it belongs  and hit Consolidate / Export file to wav. So when I drag and drop the files I will be ready to mix and everything is in place.
If we start sending messages to find where each file should be we will both lose some time. As a producer/engineer my job is to mix your song not to “compose” your song, give me time to spend on your sound not on dragging files. icon wink Mixing   Mastering   ReAmping Services (Cheapest in the market)

Tip3.  Provide clean DIs and MIDI files (not necessary but highly recommended):  If you use your own amp and mic a cab for a certain sound it’s always good to send me the DI files also. Providing me the clean signal of the electric guitar  (bass etc) allows me to re-amp the signal and use different sounds. To do this you need a Direct (DI) box which splits your guitar signal in 2 outputs: 1 for to the amp/microphone and 1 to your sound card.

It’s not necessary to own a DI box. You can just plug your guitar to your recording interface and get the clean sound right away.

EXTRA TIP: If you want to record heavy guitars with palm mutes and stuff you need distortion for the “feeling”, if you know what I mean. You can use Free amp and cab simulators as plugins. When you are done tracking BYPASS the plugins and there you are. You have clean DI signals that will work right with distortion.

NOTE: With real amps and cabs the chain is AMP -> CABINET. The same you should do with simulators. IN YOUR PLUGIN CHAIN PUT FIRST YOUR AMP AND THEN YOUR IMPULSE LOADER. Contact me if you need any help:

Tip4. Using  Guitar Pro for Drums:  If you have guitar pro you can use it for your drums. Delete all the tracks except your drum track. Click “Save as” not just “Save” to save a new project and not delete your current one. Your new copy will have the drums only. Click File -> Export -> MIDI.  Send me the MIDI file and I will be able to use my Steven Slate Drums as stated above.

Tip5. Play tight /  Let me know the Tempo:  Always use a metronome and be on time. We will avoid phase issues this way. Also inform me about the BPM of each part for the song. If your song uses multiple tempos  (140bpm 4/4 on verses and 160 3/4 on choruses for example)  I should “inform” my recording software about it. Really helps me out when using effects and stuff.

Tip6. Record 2 unique guitar takes: Even If I duplicate the track and pan them the sound will be still mono. By copy pasting a wav file you have exactly the same sound wave. No human can produce the exact same sound wave no matter how great player he is. Only a robot could do it. The minimum differences between the 2 takes make the sound spread into the stereo spectrum. Huge playing differences though (or simply put a sh1tty take) can destroy the mix. So as stated above play tight and record 2 files seperately.

“Show a mix of yours as an example”

Below there’s a mix of mine that demonstrates a digital amplifier similar to the ones that I posted you above. Everything used in this mix is programs only.
If you decide to work with me I assure you that I will work hard for the best result. No quick drafts. I want you to be happy with me and I want to keep a good name as a sound engineer/producer.
The mix you are gonna listen to will be different from yours (in a good way). Maybe more bass or less guitars or synths etc. I will judge by the context and the feeling of the song. Every song is different and I should find its benefits and make them shine! icon smile Mixing   Mastering   ReAmping Services (Cheapest in the market)
Also don’t forget that dealing with a really bad recorded file will end up with anything but second best. Of course, I will improve your sound files no matter how great or bad may sound that’s for sure. But sending me a file that is recorded as best as possible will make my life easier and your song sounding fantastic.

Work with me:

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Cheap Production Services

Should you trust online mixing?

This is a common question that new artists always have. Should you find a mixing engineer near at your location? Or find a one to work with him for your songs online?

The answer is: It depends on the engineer that will offer you the service. If the engineer sucks the service will suck too. If the engineer rocks then the service will rock too!

Just because the mixing service is online doesn't have to suck as many people say. Let me tell you something: As a mixing engineer I wanted to see what the mixing engineers here can do with their expensive gear. I couldn't believe in my ears!

Some local guys had spent thousand of dollars and had a really great and expensive studio and their mixing services sounded mediocre to awful!!! And some times I wanted to "check out" some online mixing services and some guys with a low budget studio really did wonders!

So as I said online mixing can rock or suck it really depends on the mixing engineer. Cheap online mixing is what I offer to you but, as always, with professional sound!

Click here to check my cheapest prices: Online Mixing

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