Monday, December 26, 2011

Cheap Production Services

Should you trust online mixing?

This is a common question that new artists always have. Should you find a mixing engineer near at your location? Or find a one to work with him for your songs online?

The answer is: It depends on the engineer that will offer you the service. If the engineer sucks the service will suck too. If the engineer rocks then the service will rock too!

Just because the mixing service is online doesn't have to suck as many people say. Let me tell you something: As a mixing engineer I wanted to see what the mixing engineers here can do with their expensive gear. I couldn't believe in my ears!

Some local guys had spent thousand of dollars and had a really great and expensive studio and their mixing services sounded mediocre to awful!!! And some times I wanted to "check out" some online mixing services and some guys with a low budget studio really did wonders!

So as I said online mixing can rock or suck it really depends on the mixing engineer. Cheap online mixing is what I offer to you but, as always, with professional sound!

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